Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

Sabtu, 24 November 2012


In the moment i don't have any new pic i will post some as soon as possible
Thank you

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Walking along Kuta

Because there where traffic all around me and my aunt decided that will be walking so these is what i saw : a key holder ... And ancient looking fork .... Some chopstick .... A knob .... A fan .... And a bodyyyyy hahhahah

Potato head

I went to potato head yesterday and it was kind of cool i went there whit my sister uncle aunt and my cousin

Kamis, 15 November 2012

My sister's painting

I think it is " a lonely fisherman in the full moon " and my sister said it's " i have no title for the painting 😭

My dog

Every time my dog sleep she always sleep upside down. She is so funny her name is Mulan

A picture

It's my favorite teddy bear that i love so much 😘 Isn't he cute ?